This page is a regularly updated list of potential funding opportunities related to “smart cities.” To recommend additional search terms or outlets to watch for funding, please contact Matthew Wyndham.

Important NSF Opportunities:

The NSF has a new “Dear Colleague Letter” About Strengthening American Infrastructure. See here .

1) NSF has a new opportunity in its Sociology Program. Details are here

2) NSF has very interesting new opportunity for “Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks”. Details are here


Remember: Keep looking at the NSF Smart & Connected Communities page for NSF updates on funding opportunities.


Two new opportunities for Early or mid-career faculty. See:

1) Early career Opportunity here

2) Mid career Opportunity here

Opportunities are organized by NSF, Other Agencies, and Foundations.

NSF Grants Only

Other Agencies Opportunities

Date Added Agency Ref # Focus/Title Funding (M) Full Proposal Web
10/09/2020 HUD ID 202985 Healthy Homes and Weatherization Cooperation Demon 1,00 09/11/2020
28/09/2020 DOE ID 187369 Solicitation on Topics Informing New Program Areas 60,00 17/11/2020
28/09/2020 DOL ID 203169 H-1B One Workforce Grant Program 150,00 12/11/2020
13/10/2020 DOE ID 162986 Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 80,00 11/01/1900
13/10/2020 DOI ID 178356 WaterSMART Drought Response Program: Drought Contingency Planning Grants for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 2,00 06/01/2021
13/10/2020 DOI ID 206344 Water Conservation Services, Lower Colorado Basin Region 2,00 07/12/2020
19/10/2020 DOE DE-FOA-0002206 Connected Communities 65,00 17/02/2021
19/10/2020 DOC ID 203444 Scaling Pandemic Resilience through Innovation and Technology (SPRINT) Challenge Under EDA's Economic Adjustment Assistance Program 25,00 03/12/2020
Date Added Agency Ref # Focus/Title Funding (M) Full Proposal Web