This page is a regularly updated list of potential funding opportunities related to “smart cities.” To recommend additional search terms or outlets to watch for funding, please contact Matthew Wyndham.

The winners have been announced for the recent NSF Conference funding opportunity: Here . See also Smart and connected Communities opportunity below, listed under NSF.

NEW: NSF Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) (Research Partnerships (PFI-RP) track). One per Institution.
See: here
UW Internal Competition Application Instructions
To submit your application, follow this link: UW Link
Please include the following information:
• Cover Sheet including team members, partners
• CV
• 3 page description of how your program meets the goals of the solicitation

Finally, the MacArthur Foundation has a new round of their 100&Change competition, through which a grant of $100 million will be awarded to help address a critical social challenge.


Opportunities are organized by NSF, Other Agencies, and Foundations.

NSF Grants Only

Other Agencies Opportunities

Date Added Agency Ref # Focus/Title Funding (M) Full Proposal Web
30/04/2019 DOE DE-FOA-0002090 Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers And Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) 21/05/2019
17/04/2019 US HUD Opp ID: 158520 Reseeacrh and Evaluation, Demonstrations and Data Analysis and utilization Program (HUDRD) 1,00 24/05/2019
20/05/2019 DOE DE-FOA-0002029 Biuoenergy Technologies Office Multi-topic funding 03/06/2019
20/05/2019 DOE DE_FOA-0002065 Industry Partnerships for Cybersecurity of energy delivery Systems 08/07/2019
20/05/2019 US DHHS 190859 Community Services Block grant (CSBG) 10/07/2019
Date Added Agency Ref # Focus/Title Funding (M) Full Proposal Web