Pam Foster Felt

Position title: Coordinator for Programmatic Partnerships Community Development Institute, Division of Extension


A headshot of Pam Foster Felt, who is wearing a blue and white patterned collared shirt

Pam Foster Felt is the Division of Extension’s ​Coordinator for Programmatic Partnerships, serving as a liaison between Extension and UW-Madison’s many applied and community-engaged programs.  Pam’s role is to support creative collaboration between Extension and other campus units and researchers.

Before joining Extension, Pam worked for 20 years for Wisconsin land conservation, first in a nonprofit capacity-building role, then as manager of the state’s Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant Program, funding land purchases for public parks and nature preserves. In those roles, Pam coordinated complex project financing, facilitated multiple-partner collaborations and oversaw strategic planning for conservation initiatives statewide.