UniverCity Year Marathon County

Located in north-central Wisconsin, Marathon county is a beautiful area that offers a blend of natural scenery and urban downtowns. Geographically Marathon is the largest county in Wisconsin, and is home to a growing 135,000 people.

Marathon county offers a variety of services and skills to the majority of central Wisconsin. They are known for their strong manufacturing base and also their growing and primary health care systems. They also are ranked number one for dairy production among Wisconsin’s counties.

Marathon County partnered with UCA 2020-2023 to increase their counties safety, health, and prosperity. They are focusing on improving areas like the environment, emergency medical services, diversity, economic development, and evidence based decision making.

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  2. Understanding environmental perceptions in the Fenwood Creek Watershed.” Environmental Studies 978: GIS for Environmental Observation & Informatics.
  3. “Protecting land and water through public awareness and education.”
  4. “Assessing Marathon County Riparian and Wetland Resources.”
  5. Revising the Marathon County Groundwater Protection Plan.” Environmental Studies 950: Environmental Monitoring Seminar. Sarah Graves and Nathan Schulfer.
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  1. “Addressing criminal case delays in Marathon County courts.”
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  3. “Identifying Trauma intervention programming in elementary school children.”
  4. “Identifying root causes of truancy in elementary school children.”
  5. “Measuring What Matters: Data-Driven Evaluation of Justice Programs.”
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  7. “Assessing impacts of the Marathon County Start Right Program.”
  8. “Evaluating process and outcomes of the Marathon County OWI Court.”
  9. “Framing the evaluation process of the Marathon County OWI Court.”
  10. “Clarifying goals of the Public Safety Assessment Tool (PSA) for Marathon Courts.”
  11. “Framing the evaluation of the Marathon County Safe Streets Treatment Option Program (SSTOP).”
  12. “Identifying and Meeting Needs for Transitional Sober Housing Services in Marathon County.”
  13. “Validating the Proxy Tool for Arrest Decisions in Marathon County.”
  1. “Reducing Racial and Socio-Economic Disparities in the Marathon County Justice System (MCJS).” UW-Madison Pro Bono Law Program.
  1. “Developing a shared Emergency Operations Planning Toolkit and Training.”
  2. “Crafting a comprehensive EMS strategic plan for Marathon County.”
  3. “Developing a Technical Rescue Team for Marathon County.”