UniverCity Year Racine County

Racine county is located in southeast Wisconsin, and is the fifth most populous county in the state with a population of 195,000. The city of Racine is the county’s seat, and has become famous for its large Danish settlement and iconic Danish pastries. Racine county is also known for its downtown life, art museums, beautiful harbor and parks, and the Wind Point Lighthouse. 

Racine county has partnered with UCA 2020-2023 to target issues like race, equity, and inclusion. This partnership is intended to close the digital divide, addressing racial disparities, building an equitable juvenile center, and addressing employment barriers.

  1. “Building a Fair, Inclusive, and Trauma-Informed Youth Justice Facility in Racine County.”
  2. “Researching evidence-based strategies in youth detention facility operations.”
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  4. “Developing staff training modules for diversity, equity, inclusion and recidivism reduction for youth facilities.”
  5. “Recommending evidence-informed programming for youth in general population.”