About Us


UW-Madison will be a recognized leader, innovator, and contributor in improving the sustainability, resilience, livability, and general wellbeing of communities. Through education, outreach, technical assistance, and research that is grounded in the priorities of local governments, and through bridge-building engagement with policy initiatives, our efforts will have impacts locally and globally to improve the places and lives of people throughout Wisconsin and the world.

Advisory Board Chairs

Lori DiPrete Brown

Director, 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative


Paul Robbins

Dean, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Joel Rogers

Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs, and Sociology & Director, COWS


Advisory Board Members

Sarah Archibald

Director, The Network, School of Education

Suman Banerjee

Professor, Computer Sciences

Barbara Bendlin

Associate Professor and Director, Neuroscience and Public Policy Program

Tanya Buckingham

Creative Director, Cartography Lab, Department of Geography

Sal Carranza

Senior Policy Advisor, UW System

Lisa Chambers

Associate Director, Morgridge Center for Public Service

Mary Beth Collins

Executive Director, the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies, School of Human Ecology

Ken Genskow

Associate Professor, Planning & Landscape Architecture & UW-Extension

Asligül Göçmen

Associate Professor, Geography and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Brenda González

Director, Community Relations

Andrea Hicks

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Ceri Jenkins

Senior Associate, COWS

Sheri Johnson

Director, Population Health Institute

Jim LaGro

Professor, Planning & Landscape Architecture

Gavin Luter

Managing Director, UniverCity Alliance

Bonnie MacRitchie

Senior Outreach Specialist, La Follette School of Public Affairs

Katherine Magnuson

Professor & Director, Institute for Research on Poverty

Jonathan Patz

Professor & Director, Global Health Institute

Timothy Riddiough

Professor and Chair, Real Estate and Urban Land Economics

Kristin Runge

Community Development Specialist, UW Extension

Whitney Sweeney

Assistant Director, Data Science Institute

Susannah Tahk

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Law School


Gavin Luter

Managing Director, UniverCity Alliance

Kelly C. Rupp

Program Manager, UniverCity Year