UniverCity Year Racine County

Racine county is located in southeast Wisconsin, and is the fifth most populous county in the state with a population of 195,000. The city of Racine is the county’s seat, and has become famous for its large Danish settlement and iconic Danish pastries. Racine county is also known for its downtown life, art museums, beautiful harbor and parks, and the Wind Point Lighthouse. 

Racine County is partnering with UCA in 2020-2023 to work on youth justice. With the impending closure of Lincoln Hills, the State of Wisconsin has allocated $40 million to help Racine County construct a modern, trauma-informed facility that will transform its youth justice program and lead to even better outcomes for Racine County youth. At the same time, our detention population will disproportionally remain people of color and in particular, African American youth. Racine County seeks to understand best practices in juvenile justice surrounding the design, construction, hiring practices of detention workers and staff, as well as classroom and trauma-informed care practices to ensure our most vulnerable youth—particularly youth of color—are placed in a facility with the design and foundation to foster long-term success upon returning to the community.

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