Sam Kaufmann

Sam Kaufmann headshot

Sam Kaufmann is a junior studying political science and geography. A sixth
generation resident of Waunakee, he is a current trustee on the Waunakee Village Board in his
second term, and the youngest ever elected official in the history of the state of Wisconsin. Sam
is the chair of the village’s Parks and Recreation Committee and a member of the Public Works,
Senior Services, and Police Committees. Prior to serving on the Village Board, Sam was a
citizen member of the Dane County Parks Commission, Waunakee Community School District
DEI Committee, and the Waunakee Housing Task Force. Sam also founded the Friends of Six
Mile Creek, for which volunteers remove log jams from a local stream to allow use by kayakers
and reduce flooding.

Sam is employed at Octopi Brewing in Waunakee and also runs a lawn care business. In his free
time, he enjoys hiking, visiting historic cemeteries, and spending time at his family’s property in
Sauk County.