Bill Tishler

Position title: Senior Instructional Media Producer


Bill Tishler works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in both the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and the Division of Continuing Studies.  As a Senior Instructional Media Producer at Continuing Studies, he has over 25 years of experience developing online courses and degrees that use video and audio as the primary medium for content delivery. At the Division of Information Technology, he is a member of the technical services unit that provides computer technology services, telecommunications, and designs hybrid conference rooms across campus.  One constant theme that has motivated his career is how to apply new technologies to foster greater access to higher education for traditionally underserved populations including working adults, students facing economic barriers to college, and active-duty military personnel. In addition to his work at the  university, he serves as an alder in the city of Madison, representing District 11. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Madison with their three children and their dog Violet.