Shealynn Wegner

Shealynn Wegner headshot

My name is Shealynn Wegner, and I am a firstgeneration senior double majoring in community
and environmental Sociology and landscape and urban Studies, with certificates in environmental studies, food systems, and graphic Design. Growing up in a small rural community outside of
Green Bay, I developed a deep appreciation for nature, as well as for the community members
who surrounded me. After learning about environmental degradation and climate change in high
school, I discovered my passion for wanting to create a more sustainable world. My classes at
UWMadison taught me about environmental injustice and the intersection of our widest social
disparities and environmental harm. They have also taught me how to strengthen community
relationships, in a way that improves quality of life and promotes equity and universal access.
Now, I’m dedicated to the pursuit of finding sustainable and equitable ways for all our
communities to develop and thrive.