UniverCity Eau Claire County

Eau Claire County, located in west central Wisconsin, is part of a larger region known as the Chippewa Valley. The county, which has 18 incorporated municipalities and three cities, has an estimated population of over 105,700 people.

Eau Claire County applied to UniverCity Year for the years 2022-25 to make progress on projects that the county would not otherwise be able to undertake with existing  resources and expertise.

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  1. Developing a sustainable fleet vehicle strategy for Eau Claire County. Interdisciplinary Engineering 303: Applied Leadership Competencies in Engineering. Angela Kita.
  2. Developing strategies for riverbank stabilization along the Eau Claire River. Civil and Environmental Engineering 578: Senior Capstone Design. Jan Kucher and Derek Hungness.
  3. Analyzing the costs and benefits of sediment removal from the Eau Claire River. UniverCity Alliance Scholars Program: Independent Student Research. Amy Gangl.
  4. Developing a conservation plan for Lake Altoona. Environmental Studies 972: Conservation Planning. Arlyne Johnson.
  5. Protecting lake health from harmful algae blooms  through public engagement and education. Forest and Wildlife Ecology 599: Wildlife Research Capstone. Jessica Hua.
  6. Conducting an energy audit of three Eau Claire County facilities. Engineering Professional Development 669: Sustainable Systems Engineering Capstone. Jim Tinjum.
  7. Charting the path to carbon neutrality: Sustainable energy recommendations for Eau Clarie County. Environmental Studies 810: Energy Analysis and Policy Capstone. Scott Williams.
  8. Exploring green technology solutions to prevent blue green algae. Civil and Environmental Engineering 420: Environmental Sustainability Engineering. Andrea Hicks.