UniverCity Alliance announces Spring 2022 Urban Futures Lecture series

UniverCity Alliance is proud to announce its Spring 2022 Urban Futures Lecture Series, featuring a slate of speakers on city-focused topics.

Through partnerships with different programs across campus, the series bring together a variety of speakers covering issues ranging from school funding and climate change to housing instability and exessive heat.

Launched in 2019, the series provides a space for people to connect with each other and share ideas related to fostering sustainable and heathy communities.

This semester, UniverCity Alliance is co-hosting lectures sponsored by the Weston Roundtable series in collaboration with the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, the Geography Department’s Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture Series, the Institute for Research on Poverty Seminar Series and the Population Health Sciences Monday Seminar series.

UniverCity is hosting three speakers presenting during the Weston Roundtable Series:

  • Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal with economist Bob Pollin on Thursday, March 31.
  • Excessive Heat and Human Health: Defining the Problem and Implementing Solutions with bioclimatologist Larry Kalkstein on Thursday, April 28.
  • Reinventing Urban Democracy with participatory democracy scholar and professor of citizenship and self-government Archon Fung on Thursday, May 5.

Details on how to participate or view the talks can be found on UniverCity Alliance’s events page and on the flyer below. Please check back throughout the semester for the most up-to-date lecture titles, locations, times and Zoom links.

This is an image of a flyer listing information for lectures during the Spring 2022 semester.
UniverCity Alliance is excited to announce its Spring 2022 Urban Futures Lecture series.

—By Abigail Becker